Furniture Daerah Jogja

Furniture Jogja – For those of you who are building a house or even have finished building a house, of course we will think about what furniture we will buy. Here for those of you who are looking for our most complete funiture information Bay Design Jogja provides a variety of furniture for your home, with our contact 085875577228 – 081225577228.

Consider Baby, Avoid This Before Buying Furniture

For those of you who are married and have children, before buying furniture you should also consider the safety of your child. Especially if your child is still a baby or toddler. Ready or not, the house will be the first “adventure” arena.

So what should we avoid before buying child-friendly furniture? Check out the following article yaa … Avoid Crowded Rooms with Furniture. Spaces that are congested with furniture can limit the space for children. Or worse, make a child hurt. To overcome this, you can create your own play room for you. Another option, you can “juggle” the family room into a playground. Do not forget to complete it with a bean bag instead of a chair and box where children store their toys.
Avoid Taper-Ended Furniture The furniture chosen should not be taper. For example a table or a sideboard. The pointed end risks hurting the child while playing. If you already have furniture in your home like this, you can coat the taper of the furniture with a soft sponge or fabric Avoid Stairs That Are Too Steep If your dwelling consists of two floors, it’s a good idea to design a child-friendly ladder. The maximum height of a step ladder for adults is 18 cm. Therefore, try to be under 18 cm so that children are not tired.
Avoid scattered items and hazardous chemicals Make the floor and room clean of objects scattered. Safety pins, pins, and other small items should be stored properly to avoid the risk of swallowing or hurting a child. Clothes should also not be scattered on the floor so that children do not slip while playing.
Likewise with dangerous chemicals. Store in a tightly closed container and place it in a place far from the reach of your child. For example in a high cabinet that is locked.